Technical Reports

2003 Technical Reports

  1. K. Khoo, G. Gong and D. Stinson
    Sequences with Low Cross Correlation   ps
    CACR 2003-01

  2. J. Proos
    Imperfect Decryption and an Attack on the NTRU Encryption Scheme   ps pdf
    CORR 2003-01

  3. M. Mosca and C. Zalka
    Exact Quantum Fourier Transforms and Discrete Logarithm Algorithms   ps
    CORR 2003-02

  4. A. Klappenecker and M. Roettler
    On the Monomiality of Nice Error Bases   ps
    CORR 2003-04

  5. M. Gonzalez Vasco, M. Roetteler and R. Steinwandt
    On Minimal Length Factorizations of Finite Groups   ps
    CORR 2003-05

  6. J. Proos and C. Zalka
    Shor's Discrete Logarithm Quantum Algorithm for Elliptic Curves   ps
    CORR 2003-06

  7. E. Teske
    An Elliptic Curve Trapdoor System   ps
    CORR 2003-07

  8. W. Ogata, K. Kurosawa, D. Stinson and H. Saido
    New Combinatorial Designs and their Applications to Authentication Codes and Secret Sharing Schemes   ps
    CACR 2003-02

  9. C. Blundo, P. D'Arco, A. De Santis and D. Stinson
    On Unconditionally Secure Distributed Oblivious Transfer   ps
    CACR 2003-03

  10. J. Muir and D. Stinson
    Alternative Digit Sets for Nonadjacent Representations   ps
    CACR 2003-04

  11. D. Stinson
    Attack on a Concast Signature Scheme   ps
    CACR 2003-05

  12. K. Khoo and G. Gong
    New Constructions for Resilient and Highly Nonlinear Boolean Functions   ps
    CORR 2003-10

  13. N. Ebeid and A. Hasan
    On Randomizing Private Keys to Counteract DPA Attacks   ps
    CORR 2003-11

  14. K. Khoo and G. Gong
    Highly Nonlinear S-boxes with Reduced Bound on Maximum Correlation   ps
    CORR 2003-12

  15. M. Jacobson, A. Menezes and A. Stein
    Hyperelliptic Curves and Cryptography   ps
    CORR 2003-13

  16. N. Ebeid and A. Hasan
    Analysis of DPA Countermeasures Based on Randomizing the Binary Algorithm   ps
    CORR 2003-14

  17. A. Menezes, E. Teske and A. Weng
    Weak Fields for ECC   ps
    CORR 2003-15

  18. J. Chung and A. Hasan
    More Generalized Mersenne Numbers   ps
    CORR 2003-17

  19. K. Fong, D. Hankerson, J. Lopez and A. Menezes
    Field Inversion and Point Halving Revisited   ps pdf
    CORR 2003-18

  20. A. Reyhani-Masoleh and M. Hasan
    Low Complexity Bit Parallel Architectures for Polynomial Basis Multiplication over GF(2^m)   ps
    CORR 2003-19

  21. G. Gong and K. Khoo
    Additive Autocorrelation of Resilient Boolean Functions   ps
    CORR 2003-21

  22. J. Proos
    Joint Sparse Forms and Generating Zero Columns when Combing   ps
    CORR 2003-23

  23. E. Smith and C. Gebotys
    SCA Countermeasures for ECC over Binary Fields   pdf
    CACR 2003-06

  24. K. Giuliani and G. Gong
    Analogues to the Gong-Harn and XTR Cryptosystems   ps
    CORR 2003-34

  25. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    Hybrid Broadcast Encryption and Security Analysis   ps
    CORR 2003-35