Technical Reports

2006 Technical Reports

  1. B. Ansari and M. Anwar Hasan
    High Performance Architecture of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2006-01

  2. H. Fan and M. Anwar Hasan
    A New Approach to Subquadratic Space Complexity Parallel Multipliers for Extended Binary Fields   pdf
    CACR 2006-02

  3. I. Dechene
    Arithmetic of Generalized Jacobians   pdf
    CACR 2006-03

  4. K. Hoeper and G. Gong
    Bootstrapping Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Identity-Based Schemes with Key Revocation   pdf
    CACR 2006-04

  5. G. Gong
    Design of Signal Sets with Low Intraference for CDMA Applications in Networking Environment   pdf
    CACR 2006-05

  6. G. Gong, S. Golomb and H. Song
    A Note on Low Correlation Zone Signal Sets   pdf
    CACR 2006-06

  7. R. Avanzi, N. Thériault and Z. Wang
    Rethinking Low Genus Hyperelliptic Jacobian Arithmetic over Binary Fields: Interplay of Field Arithmetic and Explicit Formulae   pdf
    CACR 2006-07

  8. N. Yu and G. Gong
    Crosscorrelation Properties of Binary Sequences with Ideal Two-Level Autocorrelation   pdf
    CACR 2006-08

  9. Y. Nawaz, G. Gong and K. Gupta
    Upper Bounds on Algebraic Immunity of Boolean Power Functions   pdf
    CACR 2006-09

  10. O. Ahmadi and G. Vega
    On the Parity of the Number of Irreducible Factors of Self-Reciprocal Polynomials over Finite Fields   pdf
    CACR 2006-10

  11. D. Brown
    Conjectured Security of the ANSI-NIST Elliptic Curve RNG   pdf
    CACR 2006-11

  12. S. Bayat-Sarmadi and M. Anwar Hasan
    On Concurrent Detection of Errors in Polynomial Basis Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2006-12

  13. H. Fan and M. Anwar Hasan
    Alternative to the Karatsuba Algorithm for Software Implementation of GF(2^n) Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2006-13

  14. R. Oyono
    Non-hyperelliptic modular Jacobians of dimension 3   pdf
    CACR 2006-14

  15. J. Hinek and D. Stinson
    An inequality about factors of multivariate polynomials   pdf
    CACR 2006-15

  16. J. Hinek
    On the security of multi-prime RSA   pdf
    CACR 2006-16

  17. D. Stinson
    Unconditionally secure chaffing and winnowing with short authentication tags   pdf
    CACR 2006-17

  18. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Some results on query processes and reconstruction functions for unconditionally secure 2-server 1-round binary private information retrieval protocols   pdf
    CACR 2006-18

  19. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another look at "provable security". II   pdf
    CACR 2006-19

  20. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another look at generic groups   pdf
    CACR 2006-20

  21. O. Ahmadi, D. Hankerson and A. Menezes
    Formulas for cube roots in F3m   pdf
    CACR 2006-21

  22. N. Ebeid and M. Anwar Hasan
    $\tau$-adic representations of integers   pdf
    CACR 2006-22

  23. J. Chung and M. Anwar Hasan
    Montgomery reduction algorithm for modular multiplication using low-weight polynomial form integers   pdf
    CACR 2006-23

  24. J. Chung and M. Anwar Hasan
    Asymmetric squaring formulae   pdf
    CACR 2006-24

  25. K. Gupta and P. Sarkar
    Computing partial Walsh transform from the algebraic normal form of a Boolean function   ps
    CACR 2006-25

  26. H. Fan and M. Anwar Hasan
    Subquadratic multiplication using optimal normal bases   pdf
    CACR 2006-26

  27. U. Hengartner
    Enhancing user privacy in location-based services   pdf
    CACR 2006-27

  28. N. Yu and G. Gong
    On asymptotic optimality of binary sequence families   pdf
    CACR 2006-28

  29. N. Yu and G. Gong
    New binary sequences with optimal autocorrelation magnitude   pdf
    CACR 2006-29

  30. A. Mashatan and D. Stinson
    Noninteractive two-channel message authentication based on hybrid-collision resistant hash functions   pdf
    CACR 2006-30

  31. S. Bayat-Saramdi and M. Anwar Hasan
    Concurrent error detection in polynomial basis multiplication using linear codes   pdf
    CACR 2006-31

  32. H. Fan and M. Anwar Hasan
    Comments on Montgomery's "Five, six and seven-term Karatsuba-like formulae"   pdf
    CACR 2006-32

  33. K. Gupta, Y. Nawaz and G. Gong
    Upper bound for algebraic immunity on a subclass of Maiorana McFarland class of Bent functions   ps
    CACR 2006-33

  34. Y. Nawaz, K. Gupta and G. Gong
    Algebraic immunity of S-boxes based on power mappings: Analysis and construction   pdf
    CACR 2006-34

  35. I. Déchène
    On the security of generalized Jacobian cryptosystems   pdf
    CACR 2006-35

  36. D. Chang, K. Gupta and M. Nandi
    RC4-hash: A new hash function based on RC4   pdf
    CACR 2006-36

  37. D. Stinson and J. Wu
    An efficient and secure two-flow zero-knowledge identification protocol   pdf
    CACR 2006-37

  38. X. Fan, T. Wollinger and G. Gong
    Efficient explicit formulae for genus 3 hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems   pdf
    CACR 2006-38

  39. C. Eagle, M. Omar, D. Panario and B. Richmond
    Average-case analysis of two revocation schemes for stateless receivers   pdf
    CACR 2006-39

  40. I. Goldberg
    Improving the Robustness of Private Information Retrieval   pdf
    CACR 2006-40

  41. A. Dominguez-Oviedo and M. Anwar Hasan
    Improved Error-Detection and Fault-Tolerance in ECSM Using Input Randomization   pdf
    CACR 2006-41