Technical Reports

2007 Technical Reports

  1. X. Fan and G. Gong
    Efficient Explicit Formulae for Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves over Prime Fields and Their Implementations   pdf
    CACR 2007-01

  2. A. Mashatan and D. Stinson
    Interactive Two-Channel Message Authentication Based on Interactive-Collision Resistant Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2007-02

  3. J. Reardon, A. Kligman, B. Agala and I. Goldberg
    KleeQ: Asynchronous Key Management for Dynamic Ad-Hoc Networks   pdf
    CACR 2007-03

  4. J. Wu and D. Stinson
    Authorship Proof for Textual Document   pdf
    CACR 2007-04

  5. O. Ahmadi and I. Shparlinski
    Distribution of Matrices with Restricted Entries over Finite Fields   pdf
    CACR 2007-05

  6. B. Ansari and M. Anwar Hasan
    Revisiting Finite Field Multiplication Using Dickson Bases   pdf
    CACR 2007-06

  7. G. Zhong, I. Goldberg and U. Hengartner
    Louis, Lester and Pierre: Three Protocols for Location Privacy   pdf
    CACR 2007-07

  8. A. Kate, G. Zaverucha and I. Goldberg
    Pairing-Based Onion Routing   pdf
    CACR 2007-08

  9. D. Freeman, M. Scott and E. Teske
    A Taxonomy of Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves   pdf
    CACR 2007-09

  10. M. Nandi
    A Simple Security Analysis of Hash-CBC and a New Efficient One-Key Online Cipher   pdf
    CACR 2007-10

  11. S. Ur Rahman and U. Hengartner
    Secure Crash Reporting in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks   pdf
    CACR 2007-11

  12. A. Kate, G. Zaverucha and U. Hengartner
    Anonymity and Security in Delay Tolerant Networks   pdf
    CACR 2007-12

  13. B. Ustaoglu
    Obtaining a Secure and Efficient Key Agreement Protocol from (H)MQV and NAXOS   pdf
    CACR 2007-13

  14. D. Stinson and J. Wu
    A Zero-Knowledge Identification and Key Agreement Protocol   pdf
    CACR 2007-14

  15. O. Ahmadi, D. Hankerson and A. Menezes
    Software Implementation of Arithmetic in F_{3^m}   pdf
    CACR 2007-15

  16. C. Gebotys and B.A. White
    Differential Analysis Using Phase-Substitution   pdf
    CACR 2007-16

  17. M. Nandi and A. Mandal
    Improved Security Analysis of PMAC   pdf
    CACR 2007-17

  18. O. Ahmadi, D. Hankerson and F. Rodríguez-Henríquez
    Parallel Formulation of Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves   pdf
    CACR 2007-18

  19. S. Flon, R. Oyono and C. Ritzenthaler
    Fast Addition on Non-Hyperelliptic Genus 3 Curves   ps
    CACR 2007-19

  20. D. Stinson
    Generalized Mix Functions and Orthogonal Equitable Rectangles   pdf
    CACR 2007-20

  21. D. Stinson and G. Zaverucha
    New Bounds for Generalized Separating Hash Families   pdf
    CACR 2007-21

  22. K. Henry, D. Stinson and J. Sui
    The Effectiveness of Receipt-Based Attacks on ThreeBallot   pdf
    CACR 2007-22

  23. S. Rønjom, G. Gong and T. Helleseth
    On Attacks on Filtering Generators Using Linear Subspace Structures   pdf
    CACR 2007-23

  24. A. Mashatan and D. Stinson
    Interactive Two-Channel Message Authentication Based on Interactive-Collision Resistant Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2007-24

  25. K. Henry, J. Sui and G. Zhong
    An Overview of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS)   pdf
    CACR 2007-25

  26. A. Kate and I. Goldberg
    Generalizing Cryptosystems Based on the Subset Sum Problem   pdf
    CACR 2007-26

  27. J. Sui and D. Stinson
    A Critical Analysis and Improvement of AACS Drive-Host Authentication   pdf
    CACR 2007-27

  28. E. González-Jiménez and R. Oyono
    Non-Hyperelliptic Modular Curves of Genus 3   pdf
    CACR 2007-28

  29. R. Charpin and G. Gong
    Hyperbent Functions, Kloosterman Sums and Dickson Polynomials   pdf
    CACR 2007-29

  30. S. Bayat-Sarmadi and M. A. Hasan
    Concurrent Error Detection in Finite Field Arithmetic Operations Using Pipelined and Systolic Architectures   pdf
    CACR 2007-30

  31. K. Karabina and E. Teske
    On Prime-order Elliptic Curves with Embedding Degrees k = 3, 4 and 6   pdf
    CACR 2007-31

  32. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at Non-standard Discrete Log and Diffie-Hellman Problems   pdf
    CACR 2007-32

  33. A. Kate and I. Goldberg
    A Distributed Private-key Generator for Identity-based Cryptography   pdf
    CACR 2007-33

  34. J. Reardon, J. Pound and I. Goldberg
    Relational-Complete Private Information Retrieval   pdf
    CACR 2007-34

  35. A. Menezes and B. Ustaoglu
    Security Arguments for the UM Key Agreement Protocol in the NIST SP 800-56A Standard   pdf
    CACR 2007-35

  36. J. Wu and D. Stinson
    Efficient Identification Protocols and the Knowledge-of-Exponent Assumption   pdf
    CACR 2007-36