Technical Reports

2008 Technical Reports

  1. M. A. Hasan and C. Negre
    Subquadratic Space Complexity Multiplication over Binary Fields with Dickson Polynomial Representation   pdf
    CACR 2008-01

  2. R. Stedman, K. Yoshida and I. Goldberg
    A User Study of Off-the-Record Messaging   pdf
    CACR 2008-02

  3. X. Fan, G. Gong and D. Jao
    Efficient Pairing Computation on Genus 2 Curves in Projective Coordinates   pdf
    CACR 2008-03

  4. X. Fan, G. Gong and D. Jao
    Speeding Up Pairing Computations on Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves with Efficiently Computable Automorphisms   pdf
    CACR 2008-04

  5. X. Fan and G. Gong
    Key Revocation Based on Dirichlet Multinomial Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks   pdf
    CACR 2008-05

  6. P. Longa and C. Gebotys
    Setting Speed Records with the (Fractional) Multibase Non-Adjacent Form Method for Efficient Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2008-06

  7. A. Menezes and B. Ustaoglu
    Comparing the Pre- and Post-Specified Peer Models for Key Agreement   pdf
    CACR 2008-07

  8. D. Hankerson, A. Menezes and M. Scott
    Software Implementation of Pairings   pdf
    CACR 2008-08

  9. J. Wu and D. Stinson
    How to Ensure Forward and Backward Untraceability of RFID Identification Schemes By Using A Robust PRBG   pdf
    CACR 2008-09

  10. J. Wu and D. Stinson
    On the Securty of The ElGamal Encryption Scheme and Damgard's Variant   pdf
    CACR 2008-10

  11. J. Sui
    A Security Analysis of Some Physical Content Distribution Systems   pdf
    CACR 2008-11

  12. A. Mashatan and D. Stinson
    Recognition in Ad Hoc Pervasive Networks   pdf
    CACR 2008-12

  13. D. Stebila, P. Udupi and S. Chang
    Multi-Factor Password-Authenticated Key Exchange   pdf
    CACR 2008-13

  14. U. Hengartner
    Design and Evaluation of an Architecture for Location Privacy   pdf
    CACR 2008-14

  15. A New Message Recognition Protocol for Ad Hoc Pervasive Networks
    A. Mashatan and D. Stinson   pdf
    CACR 2008-15

  16. Analyzing the Galbraith-Lin-Scott Point Multiplication Method for Elliptic Curves over Binary Fields
    D. Hankerson, K. Karabina and A. Menezes   pdf
    CACR 2008-16

  17. A Distributed k-Anonymity Protocol for Location Privacy
    U. Hengartner and G. Zhong   pdf
    CACR 2008-17

  18. An Approach for Recovering Satellites and their Cryptographic Capabilities in the Presence of SEUs and Attacks
    M. Juliato and C. Gebotys   pdf
    CACR 2008-18

  19. Elliptic Curve Cryptography: The Serpentine Course of a Paradigm Shift
    A. H. Koblitz, N. Koblitz and A. Menezes   pdf
    CACR 2008-19

  20. A Survey on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Z. Li and G. Gong   pdf
    CACR 2008-20

  21. A MIMO Based Cross-Layer Approach to Augment the Security of Wireless Networks
    H. Wen and G. Gong   pdf
    CACR 2008-21

  22. A New Message Recognition Protocol With Self-Recoverability for Ad Hoc Pervasive Networks
    I. Goldberg, A. Mashatan and D. Stinson   pdf
    CACR 2008-22

  23. The Number of Polynomial Basis Sets of a Finite Field
    D. Brown and S. Vanstone   pdf
    CACR 2008-23

  24. On Reusing Ephemeral Keys in Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Protocols
    A. Menezes and B. Ustaoglu   pdf
    CACR 2008-24

  25. Distributed Key Generation for the Internet
    A. Kate and I. Goldberg   pdf
    CACR 2008-25