Technical Reports

2009 Technical Reports

  1. Z. Wang and G. Gong
    New Sequences Design from Weil Representation with Low Two-Dimensional Correlation in Both Time and Phase Shifts   pdf
    CACR 2009-01

  2. P. Longa and C. Gebotys
    Novel Precomputation Schemes for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems   pdf
    CACR 2009-02

  3. H. Hu and G. Gong
    New Sequence Families with Zero or Low Correlation Zone via Interleaving Techniques   pdf
    CACR 2009-03

  4. G. Gong, S. Ronjom, T. Helleseth and H. Hu
    Fast Discrete Fourier Spectra Attacks on Stream Ciphers   pdf
    CACR 2009-04

  5. A. Dominguez-Oviedo and M. Anwar Hasan
    Algorithm-level Error Detection for ECSM   pdf
    CACR 2009-05

  6. A. Alkhoraidly and M. Anwar Hasan
    Error Detection and Recovery for Transient Faults in Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems   pdf
    CACR 2009-06

  7. G. Zaverucha and D. Stinson
    Anonymity in Shared Symmetric Key Primitives   pdf
    CACR 2009-07

  8. S. Chatterjee, D. Hankerson, E. Knapp and A. Menezes
    Comparing Two Pairing-Based Aggregate Signature Schemes   pdf
    CACR 2009-08

  9. J. Reardon and I. Goldberg
    Improving Tor Using a TCP-over-DTLS Tunnel   pdf
    CACR 2009-09

  10. D. Stebila, M Mosca and N. Lütkenhaus
    The Case for Quantum Key Distribution `   pdf
    CACR 2009-10

  11. M. A. Hasan and C. Negre
    Subquadratic Space Complexity Multiplier for a Class of Binary Fields using Toepliz Matrix Approach   pdf
    CACR 2009-11

  12. Z. Wang and G. Gong
    A Note on the Diagonalization of the Discrete Fourier Transform   pdf
    CACR 2009-12

  13. N. Méloni and M. A. Hasan
    Elliptic Curve Point Scalar Multiplication Combining Yao's Algorithm and Double Bases   pdf
    CACR 2009-13

  14. N. Méloni and M. A. Hasan
    Exponentiation Using a Large-Digit Representation and ECC Applications   pdf
    CACR 2009-14

  15. K. Hoeper and G. Gong
    Monitoring-Based Key Revocation Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Design and Security Analysis   pdf
    CACR 2009-15

  16. H. Hu and G. Gong
    New Ternary and Quaternary Sequences with Two-Level Autocorrelation   pdf
    CACR 2009-16

  17. F. Morain
    Edwards Curves and CM Curves   pdf
    CACR 2009-17

  18. M. Juliato, C. Gebotys and R. Elbaz
    Efficient Fault Tolerant SHA-2 Hash Functions for Space Applications   pdf
    CACR 2009-18

  19. D. Jao and K. Yoshida
    Boneh-Boyen Signatures and the Strong Diffie-Hellman Problem   pdf
    CACR 2009-19

  20. G. Zaverucha and D. Stinson
    Group Testing and Batch Verification   pdf
    CACR 2009-20

  21. C. Alexander, J. Reardon and I. Goldberg
    Plinko: Polling with a Physical Implementation of a Noisy Channel   pdf
    CACR 2009-21

  22. F. Olumofin, P. Tysowski, I. Goldberg and U. Hengartner
    Achieving Efficient Query Privacy for Location Based Services   pdf
    CACR 2009-22

  23. J. Wu and B. Ustaoglu
    Efficient Key Exchange with Tight Security Reduction   pdf
    CACR 2009-23

  24. N. Yu and G. Gong
    Near-complementary Sequences With Low PMEPR for Peak Power Control in Multicarrier Communications   pdf
    CACR 2009-24

  25. N. Yu and G. Gong
    Multiplicative Characters, The Weil Bound, and Polyphase Sequence Families With Low Correlation   pdf
    CACR 2009-25

  26. K. Karabina
    Factor-4 and 6 Compression of Cyclotomic Subgroups of F_{2^{4m}}^* and F_{3^{6m}}^*   pdf
    CACR 2009-26

  27. I. Goldberg, B. Ustaoglu, M. Van Gundy and H. Chen
    Multi-party Off-the-Record Messaging   pdf
    CACR 2009-27

  28. A.H. Namin and M.A. Hasan
    Hardware Implementation of the Compression Function for Selected SHA-3 Candidates   pdf
    CACR 2009-28

  29. D. Engels, X. Fan, G. Gong, H. Hu and E. Smith
    Ultra-lightweight Cryptography for Low-cost RFID Tags: Hummingbird Algorithm and Protocol   pdf
    CACR 2009-29

  30. J. Balakrishnan, J. Belding, S. Chisholm, K. Eisenträger, K. Stange and E. Teske
    Pairings on Hyperelliptic Curves   pdf
    CACR 2009-30

  31. M. Young, A. Kate, I. Goldberg and M. Karsten
    Practical Robust Communication in DHTs Tolerating a Byzantine Adversary   pdf
    CACR 2009-31

  32. A. Dominguez-Oviedo, M. Anwar Hasan and B. Ansari
    Fault-Based Attack on Montgomery's Ladder ECSM Algorithm   pdf
    CACR 2009-32

  33. A. Kate and I. Goldberg
    Using Sphinx to Improve Onion Routing Circuit Construction   pdf
    CACR 2009-33

  34. S. Chatterjee and A. Menezes
    On Cryptographic Protocols Employing Asymmetric Pairings - The Role of Ψ Revisited   pdf
    CACR 2009-34

  35. K. Karabina
    Double-Exponentiation in Factor-4 Groups and its Applications   pdf
    CACR 2009-35

  36. S. Chatterjee, A. Menezes and B. Ustaoglu
    Reusing Static Keys in Key Agreement Protocols   pdf
    CACR 2009-36

  37. F. Olumofin and I. Goldberg
    Privacy-preserving Queries over Relational Databases   pdf
    CACR 2009-37