CACR: Technical Reports

Technical Reports

2013 Technical Reports

  1. F. Huo and G. Gong
    A New Efficient Physical Layer OFDM Encryption Scheme   pdf
    CACR 2013-01

  2. Z. Wang, G. Gong and N. Yu
    New Polyphase Sequence Families with Low Correlation Derived from the Weil Bound of Exponential Sums   pdf
    CACR 2013-02

  3. T. Wu and G. Gong
    The Weakness of Integrity Protection for LTE   pdf
    CACR 2013-03

  4. Z. Wang and G. Gong
    Correlation of Binary Sequence Families Derived from Multiplicative Character of Finite Fields   pdf
    CACR 2013-04

  5. C. Devet
    Evaluating Private Information Retrieval on the Cloud   pdf
    CACR 2013-05

  6. X. Fan and G. Gong
    Specification of the Stream Cipher WG-16 Based Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithms   pdf
    CACR 2013-06

  7. A. Sanchez and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    NEON Implementation of an Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme   pdf
    CACR 2013-07

  8. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Batch Proofs of Partial Knowledge   pdf
    CACR 2013-08

  9. M. AlSabah and I. Goldberg
    PCTCP: Per-Circuit TCP-over-IPSec Transport for Anonymous Communication Overlay Networks   pdf
    CACR 2013-09

  10. T. Wang and I. Goldberg
    Improved Website Fingerprinting on Tor   pdf
    CACR 2013-10

  11. Y. Huang and I. Goldberg
    Outsourced Private Information Retrieval with Pricing and Access Control   pdf
    CACR 2013-11

  12. M. Cenk and M. Anwar Hasan
    Efficient Multiplication in Characteristic Three Fields   pdf
    CACR 2013-12

  13. P. Tysowski and M. Anwar Hasan
    Hybrid Attribute-Based Encryption and Re-Encryption for Scalable Mobile Applications in Clouds   pdf
    CACR 2013-13

  14. T. Oliveira, J. Lopez, D. Aranha and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Two is the Fastest Prime   pdf
    CACR 2013-14

  15. K. Mandal, G. Gong, X. Fan and M. Aagaard
    Optimal Parameters for the WG Stream Cipher Family   pdf
    CACR 2013-15

  16. M. AlSabah, K. Bauer, T. Elahi and I. Goldberg
    The Path Less Travelled: Overcoming Tor's Bottlenecks with Traffic Splitting   pdf
    CACR 2013-16

  17. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at Security Theorems for 1-Key Nested MACs pdf
    CACR 2013-17

  18. G. Weng, Y. Tan and G. Gong
    On Quadratic Almost Perfect Nonlinear Functions and Their Related Algebraic Object pdf
    CACR 2013-18

  19. G. Gong, Y. Tan and B. Zhu
    Enhanced Criteria on Differential Uniformity and Nonlinearity of Cryptographically Significant Functions pdf
    CACR 2013-19

  20. B. Liu and U. Hengartner
    Privacy-preserving Social Recommendations in Geosocial Networks pdf
    CACR 2013-20

  21. H. Hu. S. Shao, G. Gong and T. Helleseth
    The Proof of Lin's Conjecture via the Decimation-Hadamard Transform pdf
    CACR 2013-21

  22. G. Adj, A. Menezes, T. Oliveira and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Weakness of $F_{3^{6 \cdot 509}}$ for Discrete Logarithm Cryptography pdf
    CACR 2013-22

  23. X. Fan, N. Zidaric, M. Aagaard and G. Gong
    Efficient Hardware Implementation of the Stream Cipher WG-16 with Composite Field Arithmetic pdf
    CACR 2013-23

  24. B. Zhu, X. Fan and G. Gong
    Loxin -- A Universal Solution to Password-Free Login pdf
    CACR 2013-24

  25. R. Azarderakhsh and K. Karabina
    A Comparison of Double Point Multiplication Algorithms and their Implementation over Binary Elliptic Curves pdf
    CACR 2013-25

  26. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Thinking Inside the BLAC Box: Smarter Protocols for Faster Anonymous Blacklisting pdf
    CACR 2013-26

  27. M. Shantz and E. Teske
    Solving the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem Using Semaev Polynomials, Weil Descent and Gröbner Bases Methods -- an Experimental Study pdf
    CACR 2013-27

  28. G. Adj, A. Menezes, T. Oliveira and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Weakness of F_{3^{6*1429}} and F_{2^{4*3041}} for Discrete Logarithm Cryptography pdf
    CACR 2013-28

  29. J. Hoffsetin, J. Pipher, J. Schanck, J. Silverman and W. Whyte
    Practical Signatures from the Partial Fourier Recovery Problem pdf
    CACR 2013-29

  30. T. Wang and I. Goldberg
    Comparing Website Fingerprinting Attacks and Defenses pdf
    CACR 2013-30