Technical Reports

2015 Technical Reports

  1. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    The Random Oracle Model: A Twenty-Year Retrospective   pdf
    CACR 2015-01

  2. N. Unger, S. Dechand, J. Bonneau, S. Fahl, H. Perl, I. Goldberg and M. Smith
    SoK: Secure Messaging   pdf
    CACR 2015-02

  3. R. Azarderakhsh, D. Jao and H. Lee
    Common Subexpression Algorithms for Space-Complexity Reduction of Gaussian Normal Basis Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2015-03

  4. G. Gong
    Physical Layer Secure Information Exchange Protocol for MIMO Ad-hoc Networks Against Passive Attackers   pdf
    CACR 2015-04

  5. Q. Liu, G. Gong, Y. Wang and H. Li
    Secrecy Capacity Achieving with Physical Layer Security Approach in MIMO Two-Way Relay Channels   pdf
    CACR 2015-05

  6. C. Bocovich, J. Doucette and I. Goldberg
    Lavinia: An Audit-Payment Protocol for Censorship-Resistant Storage   pdf
    CACR 2015-06

  7. G. Yang, B. Zhu, V. Suder, M. Aagaard and G. Gong
    The Simeck Family of Lightweight Block Ciphers   pdf
    CACR 2015-07

  8. T. Wang and I. Goldberg
    Walkie-Talkie: An Effective and Efficient Defense against Website Fingerprinting   pdf
    CACR 2015-08

  9. T. Wang and I. Goldberg
    On Realistically Attacking Tor with Website Fingerprinting   pdf
    CACR 2015-09

  10. T. Elahi, C. Swanson and I. Goldberg
    Slipping Past the Cordon: A Systematization of Internet Censorship Resistance   pdf
    CACR 2015-10

  11. T. Elahi, J. Doucette, H. Hosseini, S.J. Murdoch and I. Goldberg
    A Framework for the Game-theoretic Analysis of Censorship Resistance   pdf
    CACR 2015-11

  12. J. F. Biasse and F. Song
    A note on the quantum attacks against schemes relying on the hardness of finding a short generator of an ideal in ℚ(𝜁2ⁿ)   pdf
    CACR 2015-12

  13. K. Mayo
    A primer on cryptographic multilinear maps and code obfuscation   pdf
    CACR 2015-13

  14. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    A riddle wrapped in an enigma   pdf
    CACR 2015-14