Technical Reports

2001 Technical Reports

  1. E. Teske
    Computing Discrete Logarithms with the parallelized Kangaroo Method   235k ps
    CORR 2001-01

  2. M.A. Hasan
    Efficient computation of Multiplicative Inverses for Cryptographic Applications   128k ps
    CORR 2001-03

  3. Phillip Kaye & Michele Mosca
    Quantum Networks for Concentrating Entanglement   392k ps
    CORR 2001-04

  4. Rana Barua & Palash Sarkar
    "All-One" Blocks in a Binary String   103k ps
    CORR 2001-05

  5. Edlyn Teske
    Square-Root Algorithms for the Discrete Logarithm Problem
    (A Survey)
      196k ps
    CORR 2001-07

  6. Doug Stinson
    Universal hash families and the leftover hash lemma, and
    applications to cryptography and computing
      207k ps
    CORR 2001-08

  7. Hege R. Frium
    The Group Law on Elliptic Curves on Hesse form   449k ps
    CORR 2001-09

  8. Palash Sarkar & Subhamoy Maitra
    Efficient Implementation of "Large" Stream Cipher Systems   162k ps
    CORR 2001-11

  9. Palash Sarkar & Douglas R. Stinson
    Frameproof and IPP Codes   148k ps
    CORR 2001-12

  10. D.R. Stinson & R. Strobl
    Provably Secure Distributed Schnorr Signatures and a $(t,n)$
    Threshold scheme for Implicit Certificates
      166k ps
    CORR 2001-13

  11. Minghua Qu, Doug Stinson, Scott Vanstone
    Cryptanalysis of the Sakazaki-Okamoto-Mambo ID-based Key
    Distribution System over Elliptic Curves (Extended abstract)
      153k ps
    CORR 2001-14

  12. D.R. Stinson
    Some observations on the theory of cryptographic hash functions   161k ps
    CORR 2001-15

  13. Howard M. Heys
    A Tutorial on Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis   1311k ps
    CORR 2001-17

  14. Arash Reyhani-Masoleh and M.A. Hasan
    Fast Normal Basis Multiplication Using General Purpose Processors   228K ps
    CORR 2001-25

  15. L. Hernández Encinas, Alfred J. Menezes, J. Muñoz Masqué
    Isomorphism Classes of Genus-2 Hyperelliptic Curves Over Finite Fields  
    178k ps

    CORR 2001-26

  16. Palash Sarkar & Subhamoy Maitra
    Cross-Correlation Analysis of Cryptographically Useful Boolean Functions and S-boxes   192k ps
    CORR 2001-27

  17. Michael Jacobson, Alfred Menezes, Andreas Stein
    Solving Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problems Using Weil Descent
    312k ps

    CORR 2001-31

  18. Tor Helleseth, Guang Gong
    New nonbinary sequences with ideal two-level autocorrelation function
    88k ps

    CORR 2001-32

  19. Solomon W. Golomb, Guang Gong
    Hyper-Cyclotomic Algebra
    103k ps

    CORR 2001-33

  20. Zongduo Dai, Junhui Yang, Guang Gong, Ping Wang
    On the Linear Complexity of Generalised Legendre Sequences
    110k ps

    CORR 2001-34

  21. Guang Gong, Lein Harn, Huapeng Wu
    The GH Public-key Cryptosystem
    167k ps

    CORR 2001-35

  22. Palash Sarkar & Subhamoy Maitra
    Low Cost Hardware Architecture for Secure Stream Cipher
    208k ps

    CORR 2001-40

  23. Jerome A. Solinas
    Low-Weight Binary Representations for Pairs of Integers
    156k ps

    CORR 2001-41

  24. Claude Crépeau, Daniel Gottesman, Adam Smith & Alain Tapp
    Authentication of Quantum Messages
    168k ps

    CORR 2001-42

  25. Palash Sarkar
    Computing Shifts in 90/150 Cellular Automata Sequences
    134k ps

    CORR 2001-46

  26. Nicolas Gisin, Renato Renner, Stefan Wolf
    Linking classical and Quantum Key Agreement:
    Is There a Classical Analog to Bound Entanglement?

    241k ps

    CORR 2001-47

  27. Guang Gong & Charles C.Y. Lam
    Linear Recursive Sequences over Elliptic Curves
    160k ps

    CORR 2001-48

  28. Dan Brown & Alfred Menezes
    A Small Subgroup Attack on a Key Agreement Protocol of Arazi
    71k ps

    CORR 2001-50

  29. Palash Sarkar and Paul J. Schellenberg
    A Parallel Algorithm for Extending Cryptographic Hash Functions
    223k ps

    CORR 2001-54

  30. Abdulrahman Kh. Al Jabri
    A Decoding Algorithm for General Linear Block Codes
    122k ps

    CORR 2001-55

  31. Amr Youssef & Guang Gong
    Boolean Functions with Large Distance to all Bijective Monomials: N odd case
    128k ps

    CORR 2001-57

  32. A.M. Youssef & G. Gong
    Hyper-Bent Functions
    144k ps

    CORR 2001-58

  33. Markus Maurer, Alfred Menezes & Edlyn Teske
    Analysis of the GHS Weil Descent Attack on the ECDLP over Characteristic Two Finite Fields of Composite Degree
    606k ps

    CORR 2001-59

  34. M. Chateauneuf, A.C.H. Ling, D.R. Stinson
    Slope packings and coverings, and generic algorithms for the discrete logarithm problem
    161k ps

    CORR 2001-60

  35. Huapeng Wu, M. Anwar Hasan, Ian F. Blake
    Efficient Modular Operation for A Class of Moduli
    153k ps

    CORR 2001-61

  36. Alfred Menezes & Nigel Smart
    Security Signature Schemes in a Multi-User Setting
    127k ps

    CORR 2001-63

  37. Khoongming Khoo, Guang Gong, Douglas R. Stinson
    A New Family of Gold-like Sequences
    120k ps

    CORR 2001-64

  38. Huapeng Wu
    Note on Reduction Operation Modulo rn + arm + b
    121k ps

    CORR 2001-65

  39. Zong-duo Dai, Guang Gong, Ding-feng Ye
    Polynomial Functins on Finite Galois Rings
    119k ps

    CORR 2001-67

  40. Ezra Brown, Bruce T. Myers, Jerome A. Solinas
    Elliptic Curves with Compact Parameters
    119k ps

    CORR 2001-68

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