Technical Reports

2005 Technical Reports

  1. O. Ahmadi and A. Menezes
    Irreducible Polynomials of Maximum Weight   pdf
    CACR 2005-01

  2. S. Galbraith and A. Menezes
    Algebraic Curves and Cryptography   pdf
    CACR 2005-02

  3. R. Mullin and A. Mahalanobis
    Dickson Bases and Finite Fields   pdf
    CACR 2005-03

  4. J. Lee and D. Stinson
    A Combinatorial Approach to Key Predistribution for Distributed Sensor Networks   ps
    CACR 2005-04

  5. J. Lee and D. Stinson
    Common Intersection Designs   ps
    CACR 2005-05

  6. O. Ahmadi
    Self-Reciprocal Irreducible Pentanomials Over F2   pdf
    CACR 2005-06

  7. A. De Santis, A. Ferrara and B. Masucci
    On the Insecurity of a Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Assignment Scheme   ps
    CACR 2005-07

  8. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Pairing-Based Cryptography at High Security Levels   pdf
    CACR 2005-08

  9. N. Thériault
    SPA Resistant Left-to-Right Integer Recodings   pdf
    CACR 2005-09

  10. A. Dominguez-Oviedo and M. Anwar Hasan
    Error-Detecting and Fault-Tolerant Structures for ECC   pdf
    CACR 2005-10

  11. A. Stein and E. Teske
    Optimized Baby Step-Giant Step Methods   ps
    CACR 2005-11

  12. M. Nandi and D. Stinson
    Multicollision Attacks on a Class of Hash Functions   ps
    CACR 2005-12

  13. C. Gebotys, S. Ho and A. Tiu
    EM Analysis of Rijndael and ECC on a PDA   pdf
    CACR 2005-13

  14. N. Yu and G. Gong
    Realizations of Decimation Hadamard Transform for Special Classes of Binary Sequences with Two-Level Autocorrelation   pdf
    CACR 2005-14

  15. Y. Nawaz and G. Gong
    The WG Stream Cipher   pdf
    CACR 2005-15

  16. J. Hinek
    Small Private Exponent Partial Key-Exposure Attacks on Multiprime RSA   pdf
    CACR 2005-16

  17. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    Security of a Server-Assisted Group Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol   ps
    CACR 2005-17

  18. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    Multi-Service Oriented Broadcast Encryption   ps
    CACR 2005-18

  19. Y. Nawaz, K. Gupta and G. Gong
    A 32-bit RC4-like Keystream Generator   pdf
    CACR 2005-19

  20. B. Sunar, W. Martin and D. Stinson
    A Provably Secure True Random Number Generator with Built-in Tolerance to Active Attacks   pdf
    CACR 2005-20

  21. C. Carlet, D. Dalai, K. Gupta and S. Maitra
    Algebraic Immunity for Cryptographically Significant Boolean Functions: Analysis and Construction   ps
    CACR 2005-21

  22. O. Ahmadi
    On the Distribution of Irreducible Polynomials Over F3   pdf
    CACR 2005-22

  23. A. Menezes
    Another Look at HMQV   pdf
    CACR 2005-23

  24. C. Gebotys
    Differential Analysis of a Low Energy Table-Based Countermeasure for Secure Embedded Systems   pdf
    CACR 2005-24

  25. W. Ogata, K. Kurosawa and D. Stinson
    Optimum Secret Sharing Scheme Secure Against Cheating   ps
    CACR 2005-25

  26. J. Lee and D. Stinson
    Tree-Based Key Distribution Patterns   ps
    CACR 2005-26

  27. A. Seth and S. Keshav
    Practical Security for Disconnected Nodes   pdf
    CACR 2005-27

  28. A. Antipa, D. Brown, R. Gallant, R. Lambert, R. Struik and S. Vanstone
    Accelerated Verification of ECDSA Signatures   pdf
    CACR 2005-28

  29. N. Yu and G. Gong
    New Family of Binary Sequences with Low Correlation and Large Size   pdf
    CACR 2005-29

  30. H. Fan and A. Hasan
    Relationship Between GF(2m) Montgomery and Shifted Polynomial Basis Multiplication Algorithms   pdf
    CACR 2005-30

  31. K. Hoeper and G. Gong
    Efficient Key Exchange Protocols for Wireless Networks and Mobile Devices   pdf
    CACR 2005-31

  32. N. Yu and G. Gong
    Constructions of Quadratic Bent Functions   pdf
    CACR 2005-32

  33. D. Stinson and S. Zhang
    Algorithms for Detecting Cheaters in Threshold Schemes   pdf
    CACR 2005-33

  34. H. Fan and M. Anwar Hasan
    Fast Bit Parallel Shifted Polynomial Basis Multiplier in GF(2 n)   pdf
    CACR 2005-34

  35. Hung-Min Sun, M. Jason Hinek and Mu-En Wu
    On the Design of Rebalanced RSA-CRT   pdf
    CACR 2005-35

  36. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    A Round and Communication Efficient Secure Ranking Protocol   pdf
    CACR 2005-36

  37. D. Brown
    Breaking RSA May Be As Difficult As Factoring   pdf
    CACR 2005-37

  38. D. Stebila and N. Thériault
    Unified Point Addition Formulae and Side-Channel Attacks   pdf
    CACR 2005-38

  39. M. Nandi and D. Stinson
    Multicollision Attacks on Some Generalized Sequential Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2005-39

  40. J. Lee and D. Stinson
    On the Construction of Practical Key Predistribution Schemes for Distributed Sensor Networks using Combinatorial Designs   pdf
    CACR 2005-40

  41. P. Tague, J. Lee and R. Poovendran
    A Set-Covering Approach for Modeling Attacks on Key Predistribution in Wireless Sensor Networks   pdf
    CACR 2005-41