Technical Reports

2010 Technical Reports

  1. N. Yu and G. Gong
    New Construction of M-ary Sequence Families With Low Correlation From the Structure of Sidelnikov Sequences   pdf
    CACR 2010-01

  2. N. Méloni, C. Négre and M. Anwar Hasan
    High Performance GHASH Function for Long Messages   pdf
    CACR 2010-02

  3. K. Karabina, A. Menezes, C. Pomerance and I. Shparlinski
    On the Asymptotic Effectiveness of Weil Descent Attacks   pdf
    CACR 2010-03

  4. A. Namin, G. Li, J. Wu, J. Xu, Y. Huang, O. Nam, R. Elbaz and M. Anwar Hasan
    FPGA Implementation of CubeHash, Grostel, JH, and SHAvite-3 Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2010-04

  5. R. Henry, K. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Making a Nymbler Nymble using VERBS   pdf
    CACR 2010-05

  6. C. Tang and I. Goldberg
    An Improved Algorithm for Tor Circuit Scheduling   pdf
    CACR 2010-06

  7. D. Stinson and J. Upadhyay
    On the Complexity of the Herding Attack and Some Related Attacks on Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2010-07

  8. D. Jao and V. Soukharev
    A Subexponential Algorithm for Evaluating Large Degree Isogenies   pdf
    CACR 2010-08

  9. Q. Chai and G. Gong
    A Lightweight Protocol to Robust TID-Based Anti-Counterfeiting   pdf
    CACR 2010-09

  10. A. Kate, G. Zaverucha and I. Goldberg
    Polynomial Commitments   pdf
    CACR 2010-10

  11. P. Longa and C. Gebotys
    Efficient Techniques for High-Speed Elliptic Curve Cryptography   pdf
    CACR 2010-11

  12. M. A. Hasan, N. Meloni, A. Namin and C. Negre
    Block Recombination Approach for Subquadratic Space Complexity Binary Field Multiplication based on Toeplitz Matrix-Vector Product   pdf
    CACR 2010-12

  13. A. Barsoum and M. A. Hasan
    On Implementation of Quadratic and Sub-Quadratic Complexity Multipliers using Type II Optimal Normal Bases   pdf
    CACR 2010-13

  14. K. Guo and G. Gong
    New Constructions of Complete Non-cyclic Hadamard Matrices, Related Function Families and LCZ Sequences   pdf
    CACR 2010-14

  15. P. Longa and C. Gebotys
    Analysis of Efficient Techniques for Fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography on x86-64 based Processors   pdf
    CACR 2010-15

  16. C. Moreno and M. Anwar Hasan
    An Adaptive Idle-Wait Countermeasure Against Timing Attacks on Public-Key Cryptography   pdf
    CACR 2010-16

  17. F. Olumofin and I. Goldberg
    Revisiting the Computational Practicality of Private Information Retrieval   pdf
    CACR 2010-17

  18. S. Chatterjee, D. Hankerson and A. Menezes
    On the Efficiency and Security of Pairing-Based Protocols in the Type 1 and Type 4 Settings   pdf
    CACR 2010-18

  19. M. A. Hasan, A. H. Namin and C. Negre
    New Complexity Results for Field Multiplication using Optimal Normal Bases and Block Recombination   pdf
    CACR 2010-19

  20. S. Chatterjee and P. Sarkar
    Practical Hybrid (Hierarchical) Identity-Based Encryption Schemes Based on the Decisional Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Assumption   pdf
    CACR 2010-20

  21. Z. Li, G. Gong and Z. Qin
    Secure and Efficient LCMQ Entity Authentication Protocol   pdf
    CACR 2010-21

  22. Z. Li and G. Gong
    On Data Aggregation with Secure Bloom Filter in Wireless Sensor Networks   pdf
    CACR 2010-22

  23. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Extending Nymble-like Systems   pdf
    CACR 2010-23

  24. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Formalizing Anonymous Blacklisting Systems   pdf
    CACR 2010-24

  25. Withdrawn

  26. R. Henry
    Pippenger's Multiproduct and Multiexponentiation Algorithms   pdf
    CACR 2010-26

  27. X. Fan, G. Gong, K. Lauffenburger and T. Hicks
    Design Space Exploration of Hummingbird Implementations on FPGAs   pdf
    CACR 2010-27

  28. K. Karabina
    Torus-Based Compression by Factor 4 and 6   pdf
    CACR 2010-28

  29. K. Karabina
    Squaring in Cyclotomic Subgroups   pdf
    CACR 2010-29

  30. D. Aranha, K. Karabina, P. Longa, C. Gebotys and J. Lopez
    Faster Explicit Formulas for Computing Pairings over Ordinary Curves   pdf
    CACR 2010-30

  31. D. Aranha, J.-L. Beuchat, J. Detrey and N. Estibals
    Optimal Eta Pairing on Supersingular Genus-2 Binary Hyperelliptic Curves   pdf
    CACR 2010-31

  32. A. Barsoum and M. Anwar Hasan
    Provable Possession and Replication of Data over Cloud Servers   pdf
    CACR 2010-32

  33. F. Olumofin and I. Goldberg
    Preserving Access Privacy Over Large Databases   pdf
    CACR 2010-33

  34. A. Broadbent, S. Jeffery and A. Tapp
    Exact, Efficient and Information-Theoretically Secure Voting with an Arbitrary Number of Cheaters   pdf
    CACR 2010-34