CACR: Technical Reports

Technical Reports

2012 Technical Reports

  1. B. Zhu, G. Gong, X. Lai and K. Chen
    Another View on Cube Attack, Cube Tester, AIDA and Higer Order Differential Cryptanalysis   pdf
    CACR 2012-01

  2. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Solving Discrete Logarithms in Smooth-Order Groups with CUDA   pdf
    CACR 2012-02

  3. K. Karabina, E. Knapp and A. Menezes
    Generalizations of Verheul's Theorem to Asymmetric Pairings   pdf
    CACR 2012-03

  4. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    Batch Proofs of Partial Knowledge
    CACR 2012-04
    NOTE: This paper has been superseded by Technical Report CACR 2013-08

  5. A. Barsoum and M. Anwar Hasan
    Enabling Data Dynamic and Indirect Mutual Trust for Cloud Computing Storage Systems   pdf
    CACR 2012-05

  6. K. Mandal and G. Gong
    Probabilistic Generation of Good Span n Sequences from Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers   pdf
    CACR 2012-06

  7. G. Zaverucha
    Hybrid Encryption in the Multi-User Setting   pdf
    CACR 2012-07

  8. H. Mohajeri Moghaddam, B. Li, M. Derakhshani and I. Goldberg
    SkypeMorph: Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges   pdf
    CACR 2012-08

  9. Q. Chai and G. Gong
    A Cryptanalysis of HummingBird-2: The Differential Sequence Analysis   pdf
    CACR 2012-09

  10. L. Harn and G. Gong
    Conference Key Establishment Using Polynomials   pdf
    CACR 2012-10

  11. T. Elahi, K. Bauer, M. AlSabah, R. Dingledine and I. Goldberg
    Changing of the Guards: A Framework for Understanding and Improving Entry Guard Selection in Tor   pdf
    CACR 2012-11

  12. M. AlSabah, K. Bauer and I. Goldberg
    Enhancing Tor's Performance using Real-time Traffic Classification   pdf
    CACR 2012-12

  13. M. Anwar Hasan and C. Negre
    Sequential Multiplier with Sub-linear Complexity   pdf
    CACR 2012-13

  14. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at Non-Uniformity   pdf
    CACR 2012-14

  15. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at HMAC   pdf
    CACR 2012-15

  16. M. Cenk, A. Alrefai, C. Negre and M. Anwar Hasan
    A New Approach to Low Complexity Binary Elliptic Curve Arithmetic   pdf
    CACR 2012-16

  17. G. Grewal, R. Azarderakhsh, P. Longa, S. Hu and D. Jao
    Efficient Implementation of Bilinear Pairings on ARM Processors   pdf
    CACR 2012-17

  18. Y. Yang, G. Gong and X. Tang
    On the Perfect Cyclically Conjugated Even and Odd Periodic Autocorrelation Properties of Quaternary Golay Sequences   pdf
    CACR 2012-18

  19. Y. Yang, X. Tang and G. Gong
    Even Periodic and Odd Periodic Complementary Sequence Pairs from Generalized Boolean Functions   pdf
    CACR 2012-19

  20. K. Mandal and G. Gong
    Cryptographically Strong de Bruijn Sequences with Large Periods   pdf
    CACR 2012-20

  21. G. Gong
    Character Sums and Polyphase Sequence Families with Low Correlation, DFT and Ambigiuty   pdf
    CACR 2012-21

  22. S. Paul, E. Homsirikamol and K. Gaj
    A Novel Permutation-based Hash Mode of Operation FP and The Hash Function SAMOSA   pdf
    CACR 2012-22

  23. J. Adikari, M. A. Hasan and C. Negre
    Towards Faster and Greener Cryptoprocessor for Eta Pairing on Supersingular Elliptic Curve over F_{2^{1223}}   pdf
    CACR 2012-23

  24. R. Azarderakhsh and K. Karabina
    A New Double Point Multiplication Method and its Implementation on Binary Elliptic Curves with Endomorphisms   pdf
    CACR 2012-24

  25. D. Moody, S. Paul and D. Smith-Tone
    Indifferentiability Security of the Fast Wide Pipe Hash: Breaking the Birthday Barrier   pdf
    CACR 2012-25

  26. R. Henry and I. Goldberg
    All-but-k Mercurial Commitments and their Applications   pdf
    CACR 2012-26

  27. K. Mandal and G. Gong
    Cryptographic D-morphic Analysis and Fast Implementations of Composited De Bruijn Sequences   pdf
    CACR 2012-27

  28. X. Fan, K. Mandal and G. Gong
    WG-8: A Lightweight Stream Cipher for Resource-Constrained Smart Devices   pdf
    CACR 2012-28

  29. K. Mandal and G. Gong
    Filtering Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers using Welch-Gong Transformations for Securing RFID Applications   pdf
    CACR 2012-29

  30. G. Gong, M. Aagaard and X. Fan
    Resilience to Distinguishing Attacks on WG-7 Cipher and Their Generalizations   pdf
    CACR 2012-30

  31. H. El-Razouk, A. Reyhani-Masoleh and G. Gong
    New Implementations of the WG Stream Cipher   pdf
    CACR 2012-31

  32. Z. Li and G. Gong
    Efficient Data Aggregation with Secure Bloom Filter in Wireless Sensor Networks   pdf
    CACR 2012-32

  33. T. Elahi and I. Goldberg
    CORDON - A Taxonomy of Internet Censorship Resistance Strategies   pdf
    CACR 2012-33

  34. O. Ahmadi and I. Shparlinski
    Exponential Sums over Points of Elliptic Curves   pdf
    CACR 2012-34